7 Reasons Why Fit Guys Are Obsessed With Kino Clothing

Crazy enough, leading up to the re-release of my Kino Clothing line, the hype has been UNREAL. Tons of people, and yes some big celebrity names, had been writing in to see if they can pre-order in case we sell out too fast! (Which, by the way, we are selling out FASTER than I thought!)

Well, without further ado, here are the 7 reasons why people are going crazy for Kino Clothing.

1) It’s Cut Perfectly For Your Physique

Most clothing is built for the masses. It’s cut for the average person. It’s designed for broad market appeal. Guys that have spent years in the gym building a strong and defined body are selling themselves short wearing regular clothing. It’s hiding their hard earned physiques and proportions.

Kino Clothing has been designed and cut perfectly to accentuate your coveted V shape. It hugs your chest and shoulders, and drapes effortlessly across your torso.

The result is, you look like a damn superhero! No other clothing line has been designed to highlight your physique! With Kino Clothing you look your best all day long.

2) The fabric is insanely soft and made from bamboo

You are way too valuable to wear mediocre quality fabric. Kino Clothing has been designed with the highest quality blend of cotton and bamboo. The fabric feels like a dream to touch and wear. Once you wear Kino Clothing, you will not be able to wear any other shirt.

3) Features Timeless Designs and Iconic Styles

Dressing well and looking like a movie star is not as hard as you think! The best clothing pieces are simple and timeless. I’m talking about henley tee shirts, raglan shirts, pocket shirts and waffle shirts.

These pieces are classic and look damn good! These are also the clothing essentials worn by the likes of movie stars - Ryan Gosling, Henry Cavill, Brad Pitt… When it comes to investing in your wardrobe, you want pieces that you can wear everyday and look your best.

4) We Deliver Exceptional Value

The value of the shirts are insane! The quality of the fabric, the brand experience, the packaging and the perfect fit. These are shirts that crush the designer competition that typically charge $80+ dollars per piece.

But with Kino Clothing you get incredible value. Most of the essential tops are 40-50 dollar range. Even if these shirts were 80 bucks it would be well worth it. I mean who doesn’t want to look and feel their absolute best.

5) Our Shirts Are Versatile

Kino Clothing is designed for the well rounded man!

The man that wants to excel in his career, build an incredible body and enjoy life to the utmost. This fast paced lifestyle requires versatility. Who has time to change into 3 different outfits per day and constantly make decisions about what to wear?

Kino clothing can be worn in multiple settings. It’s designed to be worn on the street, out for dinner, a hot date and even at work - and of course, the gym. Heck if you have an event you can throw on a Kino shirt under a blazer with a pair of dark jeans and you’ll look like a rockstar!

6) Our shirts get tons of compliments and women love them

Who doesn’t love getting compliments?!! When you wear a shirt that’s perfectly cut for your body, you are going to look your absolute best.

This means, you’ll be getting tons of compliments. Some on the shirt and some on simply how good you look. The 2600+ men that ordered Kino Clothing from their first launch all say the same thing. I’ve never got so many compliments before. It’s crazy!

7) We've started a movement

Would James Bond spend his whole day in the gym, weighing his foods and going to bed at 8pm?! Heck no! He’s out driving his exotic cars, attending lavish parties, tracking down terrorists and eating epic dinners. Yes, he’s working out and training. But if that’s all he did, he wouldn’t be James Bond

Kino Clothing has created a movement of well rounded men that are strong and want to look their best when they leave the gym. This is when life gets really good! This is when being in great shape becomes a force multiplier in your life.

Now, you can see why Kino Clothing has an insane cult-like following and why our stock is constantly selling out within hours of opening access. Be sure to get ahold of your Kino Wardrobe Package before it’s too late!