Cut for the Hollywood Body

For the last several years there’s been a huge gap in the fashion industry. We have more gym and street wear lines popping up than ever before. In fact, it seems like a new clothing line is launching every single day.

But here’s what we don’t have. We don’t have is a streetwear line designed and cut specifically for guys in great shape. Lean, strong and fit.

I mean, you’ve put all this hard work and dedication into your physique, and now all you can fit into are sporty gym clothes? Isn’t the point to look good when you leave the gym? Don’t you want clothing that makes you look your absolute best wherever you go?

The reality is that normal clothes are meant for normal people!

When you’re taking your health and fitness to the next level, you’re forfeiting the title of “normal”. Being in great shape is a state of excellence - and you should be freggin’ proud.

And the bad news is not “normal” clothing is not meant for your body type. It simply hides all of your hard earned proportions, which makes you look damn good! Attractive and powerful.

The truth is that I wanted someone to make this clothing line worldclass. I was waiting and waiting for someone to make the clothing line that spoke to me. Koller classic tops like Henleys, Raglans, pocket shirts and and waffle shirts.

These are classic and timeless designs, but this time we cut it perfectly for a lean strong physique.

Instead of waiting, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to work! I teamed up with a top street wear designer, David Kollar of Kollar clothing, to make the perfect street wear line cut for your physique! Turns out, the famous designer used my fitness programs to get lean and achieve a six pack.

We went through my absolute favorite tops I’ve ever owned. As well, my favorite tops that I’ve seen Hollywood movie stars wear. I mean these guys have style consultants and are paid millions of dollars to look good.

Heck, wardrobe designers are handpicked to give these actors the best outfits for film roles. So you know they know what to wear. Together, Kollar and I picked the absolute nicest clothing pieces you could ever own.

Well, we took these key pieces and tweaked them and improved them to make them even better. We sifted through obscene amounts of samples to perfect the fit for you.

Even discovering the key to make your physique pop effortlessly - the kino curve. We tested multiple fabrics but in the end, we made our own custom fabrics made of a luxurious cotton, bamboo, and a bit of spandex to fit your body perfectly.

These are by far the best tops you can own if you are in great shape. You will look like an absolute superhero walking down the street in your Kino shirt. In fact the difference between a regular shirt and a kino shirt profound.

What’s more, your girl is going to absolutely love wearing them too and that’s damn hottt.