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“Do you think your stock will be gone fast?”

A: Yep! Historically speaking, our stock sells lightning fast. Be sure to peruse for your Kino Clothing essentials before your sizes or favorite colors run out - just click here!

“When will clothing be restocked?”

A: Because we anticipate our December 12th launch selling out fast, we’re already talking to our supplier for a light restock following after the Holidays. Of course, at the moment this is not yet written in stone and we’re not guaranteeing that every style or color variation will be ordered again, so if you love anything we still have in stock you need to act fast!

“Is the size true to fit?”

A: The answer would be YES, but of course, every brand and supplier has nuances to their sizing, so let’s clear up our end… The sizing is similar to that of H&M or Zara sizes, your best reference is to know your size while wearing a suit jacket.

"What size does Greg wear in Kino Clothing?”

A: Ah, the infamous question that we must include to this list. Kino Clothing founder Greg O’Gallagher is 5’10 and weighs 175lbs, he’s always wearing Large in Kino Clothing.

“What materials is the clothing made of?”

A: Our Kino Clothing is made with a luxurious, high-end custom blend of bamboo, cotton, and a hint of spandex for the perfect fit to compliment your physique. This blend adds to the effect we aim to achieve with our clothing, it hugs your arms perfectly and highlights your masculine V-shape.

“Is it streetwear or gymwear? How do I wear Kino Clothing?”

A: The beauty of Kino Clothing, is its versatility, you can wear it however you want. We designed these clothing cuts and unique fit so that it transcends the gym and can be rocked as streetwear. Kino Clothing can be worn at the gym, having you stand out with your own unique style, while also repping the items out for your everyday wardrobe.

“When can I expect a shipment to arrive?”

A: Because we’re launching the clothing line as the wave of Holiday orders kick into full gear, you can expect your shipment to arrive within 2 weeks of your order being placed. Due to the volume of orders and the current season, we anticipate some shipment lulls, however rest assured we’ve got a team processing your orders ASAP to get these out!

“Do you ship internationally?”

A: Yes we ship internationally!

“How is this relaunch different from the old clothing models?”

A: These items may seem similar, because truth be told, they’re inspired by the overwhelming excitement from previous clothing launches through Kinobody. However, we’ve since adjusted the fit and sizing to truly optimize the experience of wearing Kino Clothing. We’re striving for excellence every step of the way, and we intend to release more never-before-seen clothing items to this fresh launch in 2020. Be sure to subscribe to our VIP list for those exclusive updates.

“Can I use my “Kino Cash” to buy your clothing?”

A: Unfortunately, Kinocash does not work as a currency with our store on We understand this is confusing as it all seems like one blanket company, however Kino Clothing operates as a separate business with different investors from Kinobody. Founder Greg O’Gallagher has been documenting his journey building the clothing line so you can learn more about that by clicking here and watching the episodic series.

“What is the VIP list”

A: The VIP list is our exclusive email and SMS list for all matters regarding Kino Clothing. We’ve used this list to give sneak peaks to subscribers, as well as unleashing private early bird access for some subscribers.

“I’ve signed up to the VIP list but haven’t received any texts or emails, how do I know if I’m on the list?”

A: We’ve heard a few people writing in asking this question, and it turned out that our value-packed emails were landing in their email’s “promotions” or “spam” folders. Check your inbox for emails from, if you find them in these secondary folders, you may need to access the contact as a primary sender.

“Is this a real person?”

A: While compiling a list of Frequently-Asked-Questions, we often read this one! Yes, if you’re writing in to customer support in any capacity, you are working with real life people who deeply care about your outcomes when shopping from Kino Clothing. Don’t hesitate to write us sharing feedback, asking questions, or whatever else is on your mind. We will try our best to answer you in a timely manner with nothing but good vibes!